Wing, Daniel

Daniel Wing

Sanctuary of Mist
5'10 / 1,78
We can heal. Perhaps we can return to that same place we once stood, when we were both young and innocent.


Played by Sayamy

Fandom: “Legend” trilogy, by Marie Lu
Age/Birthday: 17 years / 5th January
Species: Human
Gender/Pronouns: male
Canon Point: during the 5 month coma at the end of “Champion”
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  • Parkour
    Fast runner, outstanding climber, very agile and stronger than he looks – while he is only a human, he exceeds even trained soldiers in this categories. It plays into his hands that he has a natural sense for balance and no fear of heights, which paired with a fast, near-perfect perception of surroundings makes him very hard to catch. For him, it's just another usual way to get around, as he has more stamina than average humans too.
  • Intelligence
    According to the republics nationwide mandatory Trials (see history) he is one of the smartest persons alive. It focused on traits that are useful for the military, like memory, perception, awareness, capacity of reaction and improvisation as well as strategic planning – all things where he excelled. Additional he got a good sense for right or wrong, following a own set of morality.
  • Resourceful
    Able to use almost anything to make what he needs – handmade weapons out of PVC pieces and rubber, shelter out of planks, clothes from scraps, finding the edible leftovers in the garbage cans, rewiring cables to re-direct speakers etc. While not at the skill level of an mechanic or inventor he makes do with whatever he can get his hands on, which are mostly things others have discarded.
  • Talker
    Be it a flirt for information, a made-up cover story or a speech that encourages a whole nation, he can do it without much preparation. It's part of him to observe the happenings around him, to notice the flaws and wrongs and he took it as his duty to speak up for the people without a voice, try all he could to make the world a better place or at least wake up others.
  • Fighting
    While he prefers to keep his distance and stay out of fights, he is able to hold his ground in close combat even barehanded against multiple armored opponents. His skill with a knife shouldn't be misjudged, he can throw them precisely and knows where to hit to make damage – and don't think an slingshot is a harmless kids toy. The skills from parkour come in handy too, meaning he'll opt for speed and evasion rather than knock-out through sheer force. But unless trapped his strategy consists of avoiding as he is pretty aware of his limits. He trains to become better.

EquipmentPendant – old quarter dollar coin crudely encased by cheap metal
Communication device – earpiece, military style, voice-commanded, doubles as phone
Magic knives – twin set of perfectly balanced steel knives that got enhanced in Pandora, so they're now unbreakable, always sharp and return to him when lost
Fire Sprite's Mail - light mail made with Niflheim steel, gleaming with a smokey green sheen. Woven between the links is thread made from clouds and crushed ruby, giving the armor a light-as-cloth quality while still offering the full protection of steel chainmail. The rubies also encourage a body of flesh to heal any injury at a faster rate (a wound that would normally take a week to heal fully from taking a day instead. Not instantaneous, but enough to help.)


  • Education
    Since he dropped out of school at age 10 he missed out on any higher learning. Reading, writing and basic math are no problem, but he has no clue about biology, physics, politics, economy and so on. Also he distrusts the histories and world views that where taught to him, as he figured out they are heavenly infused with military propaganda and don't show the whole picture. Though he tries to catch up in self-study it's a point of shame for him and it'll take a long time to catch up, if he manages on his own at all, given his lack of knowledge on how to properly learn.
  • Health
    The brain tumor he got left with as a result of experiments when he was 10 was successfully operated on, however the after-effects of the botched surgery left him with amnesia and concentration struggles that may go as far as forgetting to eat or where he is. He also shows signs of chronic PTSD, such as panic attacks, nightmares, flashbacks and physical reactions to triggers, as a result of growing up in a warzone and the events he went through, even though this got lessened by the amnesia erasing his knowledge of the worst instances.
  • Philosophy
    Not exactly his fault, but since he got infused with military propaganda his whole life, he has a rather loop-sided world view. His discovery that most of it wasn't true just made it worse, as he lacks the information to counter what was told to him, leaving him distrustful and up to piece it together on his own. He lived on the wrong end of a dysfunctional system and never learned that there are other ways to cope than set fire to the police station if an officer missuses his power for example, not to start on what he considers a normal life.
  • Impulsive
    Albeit he got the sense to think before acting most of the time, when facing mortal danger, seemingly unsolvable problems or simply scared all his instincts go right out the window. He forgets his instincts about balance in fight, let's emotions get the better of him and makes bad decisions, like jumping an superior opponent instead of running.

Despite growing up in a rather unpleasant place, he managed to become a decent person. He is kind and goodhearted, placing the needs of others above his own and refusing to kill any people. Growing up poor taught him to be humble and value relationships. Family is everything for him and while he is slow to make friends, once won over you can count on his loyalty and wholehearted trust. But this doesn't mean he'll be less honest with his opinions – Daniel speaks up if anything bothers him and isn't exactly subtle with it, which lead to some problems in the past. Together with his refusal to simply accept anything so-called authorities say, this can easily annoy people who are used to be respected without questions. The mistrust has it's origin in several bad experiences and it takes time to prove him different. In general he wears his heart on a sleeve, making it easy to read his emotions and use them against him, as he is prone to react impulsive if angered or irritated. At the end of the day, he still is nothing but a teenager who got hunted as well as glorified and the latest events lead to many people putting their trust in him to save them. It's a burden he hasn't asked for and he is scared to let them down, since there's the future of a whole country at stake. All he dreams of is some normality.

It'd be hard to sort his Mongolian heritage at first glance, since while it shows in slight almond eyes and tanned skin, his piercing blue eyes and white-blonde hair don't quite fit the picture. When wearing his hair long it shines like a beacon, falling thick and smooth, but currently he wears it cut short, leading to usually grown-out curls coming through. There isn't much on his 5'10'' / 1,78m frame, leading to a lean, wiry appearance that borders on underweight. Daniel has plenty scars too – a tiny pinprick of lighter color in his eye, surgery scar covering older ones at the base of his neck just at the hairline, four faint ones at chest and waist, a long diagonal line from left collarbone to right hip, lines on his upper arms thick enough to be felt through clothes, multiple shot wounds, biggest one two in his right shoulder as well as a shut-through at hip and chest. He prefers to wear long clothes to hide them all, practical and plain.


Life before LegendBorn into a poor family, living in a slum of sorts, in a country that was at war so long the cause nearly got lost, his start into life wasn't the best. There was never enough food, clothes or room. Government provided for school, but didn't bother much with the lives of poor, the checks for plagues and the presence of officers more a threat than a reassurance. Daniel got by, supported by a loving family, even thought his father died when he was 8 and he had occasional encounters with authorities. His fate changed when he turned 10 and had to take the Trial, like everyone else – a mandatory test consisting of a physical examination, a 32-pages written test and an interview. In total 1500 points to achieve and the score decides about your future, if you're allowed to college, just finish high-school or drop out for low work. Or you fail, with less than 1000 points, like he did. It meant he got put on a train instantly, supposedly shipped of to a labor camp... except it's a lie. He ended up in a lab, experimented upon. If they hadn't thought him dead eventually, left him with the other bodies, he would've had no change to get away.

The boy who walks in the light5 years have passed. Daniel lives on the street, homeless, together with a girl named Tess that tagged along at some point. No one but his older brother John knows he's still alive, but he checks on his family regularly. In the meantime he has taken up a criminal path, hindering the republic where he can under the alias Day, determined to bring the system down that does all these cruel things. When his little brother Eden comes down with a new strain of the ever-present plague, he throws aboard all caution and makes the desperate move to break into a hospital unprepared to steal medicine.
Some time later, he picks up another girl (June) on the streets and cares for her to make up for the fact that she was injured because of a thing he pulled during a street fight and they get closer. Again things take a turn, when she tells him that the plague control is on their way to his family to take them away. Daniel leaves heads over heels to safe them, albeit he has no plan. Like the labor camp, it's a set up. Authorities wait for him, ready to arrest him for all his crimes. They go to full lengths to lure him out and shot his mother. The brothers get locked away,Eden to be used as a biological weapon, John to blackmail Daniel during the torture they call interrogation. His execution is ordered, to no ones surprise, albeit the people on the streets that he fought for dislike it. June, who worked for the government all along, discovers something that changes her mind – that he has a perfect score like she and that he didn't kill her brother during his hospital break-in. On the day of the execution she helps him escape, but due to the short preparation time and his bad health state, they nearly fail. In the end John doubles as Daniel in front of the firing squad, so that he may escape and have the change to save Eden.

ProdigyDay and June are fugitives on the run to the Patriots, a rebel group they encountered before. They need their help to find Eden and Daniel requires medical attention. While searching for them, news get spread that the elector, head of the state, has passed and his son, Anden, took his place. Shortly after, they got picked up and decide about further actions. June shall make her way into Andens inner circle and win his trust to send him in a trap, while Day, as the hero of the people, is used as the symbol for the rebellion unwillingly. They plan to grasp the power by assassinating Anden and while the initial plans go well, a signal from June at the last moment convinces Daniel to take action and save Anden. Seen as traitors buy the Patriots, they flee through an underground tunnel into the Colonies, the state the Republic fights against. Even there, Day gets recognized and is glorified as a hero. Due to some insights and help, both decide to make their way back into the Republic, just in time to stay up against the council and support Anden, who fails to keep the rebelling people from starting a civil war on his own. In return Daniel and Eden are reunited and the remaining Patriots pardoned. During the following routine medical check for artificial viruses or bugs from the Colonies, Daniel is informed that he suffers from a brain tumor that will kill him eventually, a leftover from the experiments in the lab when he was ten. As a result he breaks up with June, so she is free to led her life and won't see him struggle through a treatment that might not even help. All he wants is to spend the remaining time with his brother.

ChampionObviously, if you're 16 and dying from a brain tumor, things aren't great to start with. There is some faint hope of surgery saving him, but Republic is ill-equipped to do it and he reacts bad to all medication they try to buy more time. Meanwhile state isn't leaving him alone either, constantly badgering him to keep the still brewing revolution in check, to attend balls in higher-up circles and generally be a figurehead of peace. Most of this he declines, barely keeping it together between his own treatments, his brothers lingering health problems and having no one to trust left.
Until June asked him to. Despite being in no-contact for 8 months he still ached for company, tried for her – only that they asked him to allow further testing on Eden, believing him the missing link to a plague ravaging both countries, the cure a term of the shaky peace treaty. He refused, distracted shortly after by another bad reaction to the meds that ends him in the hospital, with the bad news that he has at best another month or two to live. While trying to explain this to June the city got attacked, Colonies having run out of patience – they only stop because Eden finds out about Republics request and chooses to help.
Still, the only way to get aid by the mighty Antarctica, is to give up land, quarantine the whole country to get this plague under control. This fuels the revolution again, people not wanting to give up their home and despite his steadily declining health he is forced to fight along them, represent their voice. The Colonies contact him secretly, noticing this, trying to blackmail him with the safety of his brother and country into leading the people to turn against their own government. Helpless, he is close to breaking down, when an offhand comment gives him a plan: rally the people up against the Colonies. With the help of June, the Patriots and Andens approval, they lay it all out, Daniel having the Colonies believe he gives in to their idea but actually using the broadcast they arrange to tell the people to fight back, to fight for their homes, that they have a chance at this. And they listen.
He barely escapes the first backlash, only making it thanks to heavy medication and experimental equipment. Barely able to hold himself up, he makes his way back to the hospital where Eden is, evacuating as the attacks go on. When a bomb breaks the order, sending masses into a panic, all he can do is clutch his unconscious brother, make it across the plaza to safety – not knowing there's someone just waiting for this on the rooftop behind him. One Republic commander with a grudge is all it takes to shoot him down. Once. Twice. Medics take long to arrive in this chaos, the injuries so severe they have no choice but to operate on his brain tumor right ahead too or else he wouldn't make it at all... only that he doesn't wake up from it, having fallen into a deep coma.


“I won't!” Arms crossed he glanced at the stern lady at the other end of the kitchen counter, the only thing preventing another shouting match his brother sleeping in the next room. “Eden is fine without you watching over him every hour.” How could Lucy keep that calm? He was driven mad even thinking about what could happen while he was away – Anden could change his mind about using him as a biological weapon, the Colonies could land an attack, someone could come and take him away for good. But she was there official caretaker, living with them for some weeks now and she knew him well enough to stop his protest before he could pronounce it. The bundle of notes, enough to feed someone living on the streets a month, as well as the ear mic where pushed a tad further towards him.
Scowling he picked it up at least. “If anything happens...” “I'll call you immediately and suffer dire consequences if Eden gets so much as a scratch. Go out and have some fun.” Daniel didn't respond to that, just snarled at her on his way to fetch a jacket. Cold air hit him once outside. It was dark already, the cloudy sky tinted yellow from the city lights. He pulled the scarf tighter and tucked a strand of hair back into the cap. It would be easier to blend in, to go unrecognized. After all, he was famous. The republics most wanted criminal turned nation hero – a 16 year old boy. Dying. Which of course was classified information, but that didn't make it any less real.
He broke into a run, jogging along the streets until the sector he lived in blended into one of the less fortunate ones and lights run out. A glimpse was enough to take in the footholds of a nearby building and he scaled the four stories within seconds, making his way across the rooftops toward one of the underground clubs, where no one would ask any questions and he could loose himself in some thought-deafening beat. Maybe steal a kiss from a girl that could be June. Just... pretend to be normal for one evening.

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Daniel Wing

Sanctuary of Mist
5'10 / 1,78
Good to go!

- new canon point + expanded history
- updated skills and weaknesses, mostly minor rephrasings
- rewrote appearance bc I didnt like it anymore
- added in the armor he gained recently, kept in his magic knifes too – both are Pandora-gained, but he'll immediately get them back after the reapp, so I hope that's fine

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