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Private You can't Reason with a Headless Man!


Haytham Kenway

September 13th-Year 108

”Warning. Unidentified Time-Stamp. Warning. Unidentified entity. Location: Backyard.”

Stella’s voice woke Haytham with a start. And he was up, dressed, and with enough weapons to take on the entire British legion back home before he was sneaking forward, peeking out at the sight of a figure on a black horse. A black horse with red eyes.

And a pumpkin under the man’s arm. A man with no apparent head.

Now, Haytham had read the good bard Washington Irving’s Sleepy Hollow. It was a delightful little tale of an old legend that gave folks spooks around Halloween. There was a nice little Disney animated version he’d watched with Io last year. But he wasn’t one to jump to conclusions, even in Pandora.

”Stella…. Scan the intruder.” He whispered, sneaking quietly into the living room and peeking out behind a sofa.

”No vitals. The intruder is not alive, sir.”

”Bloody wonderful.” Haytham mumbled, and texted his fucking son.

During which time, the Horseman seemed to sense he was there. It cackled (how he did so without a head well… ghost physics). And it, he, tried to rear his horse and smash through the glass, only to bounce off with it’s hoofs.

”Stella, lockdown mode please. Supernatural Intruder, subdivision.”


Now the horseman was running his horse up and down the front yard, getting besieged by holy water sprayed out of water guns situated around the house. Growling horse, angry as all spit, and slightly smoking. Meanwhile, Haytham changed tactics. Gearing up for a fight with a demon…..
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Connor had been woken up by the buzzing on his phone - a contraption that he rarely used, more often than not for Haytham's sake. So when the screen lit up and his eyes cracked open to look at it, he was fully expecting the other to be the one on the other end. Except, with darkness outside the window, it was obviously still night time outside, and he didn't feel like he had been sleep for that long.

Frowning slightly, he reached up and grabbed it, and only frowned more.

Why was Haytham fucking with him at midnight?

The conversation didn't reveal much, except that some "headless" man was riding around Haytham's property, and that his father needed back up. Like the boy who cried wolf, Connor was hesitant to believe him in case this was some elaborate prank, but he also wanted to believe him.

Connor's eyes happened to stray to the corner of his screen where the time was displayed. 12:00. Still.

It had definitely been a couple of minutes of conversation since he had last glanced at the clock.

Concerned, Connor got up, got dressed, armed himself to the teeth, and then checked on Io:nhióte before he headed out to tack up Aewahió:wane. Leaving the homestead without any further warning, Connor disappeared into the night in a flurry of hoof beats.

The only way he could get there in a decent amount of time was to ride the stallion hard, and when Connor steered the bay horse into the driveway, the stallion was drenched in sweat, blowing hot air hard from his nostrils, which formed into curls of mist in the chilly air.

The air shouldn't have been that chilly, especially not on the coast.

And that was when he spotted it, the man without a head. It was still circling the house, a pumpkin tucked under his arm. Aewahió:wane gave a start, clearly spooked - despite battles that Connor had previously put him through. If it was a spirit, it was definitely giving the stallion the heeby jeebies.
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Haytham Kenway

No, this was not the most excellent situation. And Haytham hated cowering in his home as some headless spirit wandered outside. But then again, he was a Templar. What an assassin called ‘cowering’ could also be called ‘evaluating the situation’. Which for Haytham consisted of running through his computer for anything spiritual he could try to get rid of this very uninvited house guest.

”Connor is here, sir.”

Well shit that was right, he asked for backup.

”Distract the damn thing, and lead Connor to the back entrance to the house.” Haytham ordered.

”Will do sir.”

Outside, a hose exited the house roof and sprayed the Horseman full in the face, causing the spirit to veer off, steaming. Meanwhile, the barn opened.

”Hello Mister Connor, please come this way.” Stella told Connor politely, shutting the barn behind Connor and his horse when the Mohawkian came in.

”There is a secret entrance to the house under the fifth hay-bale to your right. Please make your way in. The spirit does not seem concerned for horses.”
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The way Haytham's house was set up still baffled Connor even now. It was almost comical, if the assassin had much of a sense of humor and the seriousness of the situation warranted it, that he would have laughed about it. He had arrived, after all, in the dead of night, to a spirit galloping around the residency, being sprayed by the house with what appeared to be water - although he doubted it was simply just water. And Haytham was no where in sight, likely cowering somewhere safe. It would not be the first time that the other had disappeared, leaving Connor to take care of things, so he couldn't rule it out as a possibility.

The barn door opened and Connor heard the familiar voice of Stella, Haytham's house spirit-technology woman, as she let him into the barn. He entered post-haste without much thought, because he could hear the headless man howling and sounding generally displeased outside. His horse didn't need any second proddings either. Connor had to rein the stallion in as he pranced frantically into the barn, snorting and looking, wild-eyed. Murmurings under his breath caused the bay horse to slowly calm down enough for Connor to hop off his back and lead him into a stall.

"No, my father said something about it needing a head. What did he do to upset it?" Connor asked Stella, pretty sure that this was somehow Haytham's doing. Why else would a strange ghost show up to harass him specifically?

Connor found the entrance, which was cleverly hidden, and entered it. Tunnels under things that lead to other things was not new to Connor and he found his way without any difficulty towards the house. It might have been harder for someone without the sixth sense he possessed, as there were other turn offs down tunnels that Connor was sure were probably booby-trapped or dead ends, but when he emerged from the tunnel again, he found himself in an area of the main house.
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Haytham Kenway

He has done nothing that my records are aware of. Stella informed Connor simply as Connor immediately started accusing his father. There is a slight anomaly with the time. It is still midnight, and has been for several hours. Mr. Kenway has a theory that magic is a cause. Or as he said it: ‘Pandora Nonsense’….

And off Connor went down the tunnels, Stella monitoring his progress, but she didn’t need to. Haytham used his eagle vision for a lot of these tunnels, and Connor had the same ability as his father. When he came out, it was a hidden door to the bookcase of the bunker…

Where Haytham was on his computer, several monitors showing the Horseman still stalking about outside. Meanwhile, Haytham was pouring over a website about Washington Irving….

”Good evening son.” Haytham said without looking up from his reading, ”I see the horseman gave you limited trouble. Thank fucking Christ I installed those holy water canons…..”
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