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Genshin Impact
Neutral Good
there are no journeys without endings, no meetings without partings.

Played by Octi

Fandom: Genshin Impact
Age: 6000+
Species: Archon
Gender/Pronouns: He/Him
Canon Point: After the Rite of Parting
NPC Companions: N/A


Rex Lapis - Geo Archonother titles: morax, god of contracts, god of commerce, god of justice, god of war, the groundbreaker, prime of the adepti

Known in history to the world he comes from as Rex Lapis, or Morax, Zhongli is one of The Seven Archons as well as the Geo Archon presiding over the wealthy nation of Liyue, although with the loss of his Gnosis and his self-imposed retirement, it may be more accurate to call him the former Geo Archon.

Nonetheless, his status as an Archon for several thousand years has left him even now with a considerable supply of power at his fingertips.

While the vision he wears on the back of his jacket, a diamond-shaped glass artifact granted by the gods in order to bestow the power of the elements, is fake in order to help him blend in with mortal kind, Zhongli does possess the power his vision suggests. Holding power of the element of geo, Zhongli is capable of manipulating the earth around him, be it stone or crystal. With the ability to summon stone pillars and constructs as well as shape them to his desire, the larger the construct, the more energy required and the more susceptible he is to exhaustion. The peak of his power and the most draining of his power is in the summoning of a meteor. Granted, a small one, but a meteor is a meteor.

With a single thought and a t-pose thrust of his arm, Zhongli can destroy the constructs he creates just as quickly as they were summoned, exploding them and any other targeted constructs or even chunks of ore in his surrounding radius.

No less important to the geo element is the role that sheer geo energy plays, capable of being infused into his polearms in order to make his strikes more powerful and creating shields in order to protect him from damage both physical and elemental. Along these same lines, crystallization comes into play when geo energy encases and crystallizes other elements it comes into contact with - namely the elements of Electro, Hydro, Pyro, and Cryo. The crystals left behind grant shields to those who touch them. Similar to your average geo shields, they will absorb any type of damage but far more efficiently shield against the crystal's element.

Polearm ExpertiseWith thousands of years under his belt, Zhongli is knowledgeable of a vast number of weapons, but polearms have and always will be his preferred weapon of choice. They help keep him light on his feet, maximizing his agility, and he certainly enjoys the extra bit of reach that comes with it.

Wind GliderAlthough once able to rapidly travel through use of his shapeshifting skills, the absence of his Gnosis, and therefore the extent of the power of the Geo Archon, as well as his desire to live a life not so dissimilar to mortals has forced him to learn how to let a wind glider carry him. A tool common in both travel and sport across Teyvat, the mechanism straps lightly to the back in a way that is entirely unobtrusive, making flight with these winged gliders easy enough to maneuver. And yet, Zhongli's mastery is still very much a work on progress.

A part of him certainly does miss the ease in which he could travel as a dragon, but there's something new and exhilarating about mortality.


Lack of GnosisDespite his status as a god, Zhongli is far from all powerful and, in fact, his power has recently been cut down significantly. Without his Gnosis, an artifact which directly taps into the power of Celestia, the land of the gods, his power over the geo element no longer reaches the same height of ability, keeping him from conjuring anything capable of rivaling the size of a building or larger and he certainly can no longer create massive stone spears or toss mountains about. Similarly, without the power of the Geo Archon, he is bound to his mortal form and can no longer shapeshift.

ShieldsAny geo shield that Zhongli creates whether through sheer geo energy or via crystallization is far from impenetrable. While they can withstand a generous amount of force, there will always be a moment of shattering and it's nigh impossible for Zhongli to conjure up another instantaneously.

While the shields is capable of summoning will protect him from physical damage as well as elemental, there are a great many capabilities in Pandora he has never come across before. Contact with the unknown, so to speak, has the potential to break down his geo shields far more quickly.

Broke ...A big deal for somebody who was once essentially the god of money. Where he had once been capable of conjuring up money for his people, leading Liyue Harbor to wealth, the only money that finds its way into Zhongli's hands now is earned through honest work.

Or through Childe.

With six thousand years of history behind him, rumor and history books alike have described Rex Lapis as both unmerciful and unyielding, and yet the man who roams the world now is not what those seeking out the god would have ever expected.

Zhongli's values as Rex Lapis stay with him now, of course. He's traditional in quite a lot of ways and he holds a sense of justice while recognizing that justice is something that varies from situation to situation, that the world is not quite so black and white. Perhaps that's why he's such an exceptional business with the potential for being a powerful manipulator. Zhongli is in an expert in reading situations and very much a charmer of the people. Not a man of lies, of course, for he sees no desire of value in such things, but all the same, he has no issues with skillfully skirting the truth.

And yet, despite his prowess in these areas, Zhongli is just as much a genius as he is, well ... an absolute idiot. Emotionally, he's restrained and, frankly, can be obtuse, although certainly not with any malice intended. Zhongli is far from unkind or wholly unlikeable and, in fact, is quite sociable even if conversation with him can prove to be a bit on the odd side. Still, despite it all, he carries himself with grace and is a wealth of knowledge to those around him in a great number of areas, be it culture, history, or what the perfect flavor would be to compliment a delicious Qince stir fry. It's not uncommon to find him spouting bits of trivia where he finds appropriate.

Calm, reserved, and polite, these behaviors are perhaps what set him the furthest apart from the Archon of legend, clear in how rare it is to see him rattled in any way, shape, or form. Perhaps his firm hand and his wrath buried deep down within long ago.

Perhaps he's simply old and tired.


Archon WarA participant in the Archon War over two millennia prior, Rex Lapis as well as Guizhong, the God of Dust, had settled their people in the Guili Plains all that time ago. The war having erupted as gods fought to claim their spot in The Seven who would hold control over Teyvat's seven nations, Guizhong was eventually killed, Rex Lapis thus taking his people and crossing the land to what is known today as Liyue Harbor.

Rex Lapis is one of two remaining victors of the Archon War, the rest of The Seven having been replaced since.

RetirementHaving existed for upwards of six thousand years and having founded Liyue 3700 years ago, Rex Lapis grew tired of his duties and, in the same vein, grew concerned with the ideals of the region and the sheer dependency that his people held toward in. While his duties felt as though they were long past, as though he was ready to move on, he could not be certain that Liyue was as well.

And so, in order to test his peoples' ability to survive without his guidance, Rex Lapis set up an elaborate trial, faking his own death and watching the aftermath with the intention of seizing back power over the land should Liyue fall apart. The people of Liyue tripped each other themselves to find the murderer, the question of who would control the land came into play, and the last thing anybody - Rex Lapis included - expected was for a bold member of the Fatui to summon an ancient god in an effort to draw him out.

Liyue prevailed and, pleased, Rex Lapis fell into retirement but not before forging a contract with the Tsaritsa, exchanging his Gnosis and thus his godhood away.


"We're pretty laid back here, so if you can get the deposit to us within the first three or four days, that shouldn't be a problem."

Those would be the first words of regret from the apartment owner's lips for the tall man with the dark hair that faded to gold had no money at all to his name, something that was true for the first time in his life. He had prepared for this moment, but then, there had been no way of preparing for Pandora. The best way to handle a situation like this, after all, was to call upon the power of the Geo Archon. Had he realized he would be thrust into a new world entirely, perhaps he would have reconsidered signing a contract that would find his Gnosis exchanging hands.

Well. Shame he hadn't thought of that then.

And yet, he agreed to the price of the deposit as well as the price of the monthly rent, the fact that he was essentially broke escaping his mind in that particular moment. He supposed he was simply most concerned with getting a roof over his head and, given the way he carried himself and the way that he dressed, the owner didn't seem to bat an eyelash at the prospect of him not being able to pay. With how firmly and determinedly he agreed, who would have?

There he was, that fateful morning, twisting the lock and then the knob of his new abode, which he was said to be sharing with somebody else. Or was it ... two somebody elses? Briefly, Zhongli paused to consider that, but before he could confirm or deny, he was pushing the door open and stepping inside, hands free of bags for he had nothing at all to his name. Only a key to indicate he was meant to be here. There was movement immediately from the hallway to his right and Zhongli's eyes swept over the space.

"How rude of me. I suppose I should have knocked," he decided, his voice deep and likely betraying, well ... how quick his mind was to jump to conclusions in the realm of dollar signs, so to speak.
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